The Mediterranean was, is and will always be the inspiration of great artists

The Mediterranean will always be an inspiring muse for numerous artists of different nationalities, who have found an inexhaustible source of creativity in its landscapes, its light and its cultural identity. It has been embodied in works of art that reflect its beauty, its history, its culture and its unique essence, making it an iconic place in the history of art.

It is known that French artists searched in the Mediterranean for light that they could not find in the north, while the Spanish found in its sands and peaceful landscapes the memory of a lost Arcadia.

For their part, the Italians were looking for a classicism in the Mediterranean to remedy the excesses and modernities.

In Valencia, Ignacio Pinazo portrayed the sea and the beach as social settings in works such as “Barraquetes” and “Fiesta Day”, but it was Joaquín Sorolla who stood out with his luminosity and joie de vivre in his beach scenes.

In Catalonia, on the other hand, from the symbolism and the writings of Eugeni D’Ors, Noucentisme developed, with a desire for social regeneration and a centrality in identity. Joaquim Sunyer and Joaquín Torres-García were outstanding representatives of this classicism, with emblematic works such as “Mediterrània” and “Pastoral”, in which the female figure acquired a special role, identifying it with nature.

And in Mallorca, it was a place of inspiration for artists like Joaquim Mir and Hermen Anglada Camarasa. Mir felt fascinated by the coasts of the island, its rocky nature and its strange light, abandoning his previous compositions of a social nature to delve into a landscaping close to abstraction. For his part, Anglada Camarasa painted landscapes and seascapes in Majorca dominated by the violence of colour.

For many, the Mediterranean was not just a simple reason to capture in his works, but it became a place and an idea that attracted them geographically and mentally, both physically and metaphysically. At Blanc Pescador, we have no doubt about it: we know that the Mediterranean Sea will always be our purest essence and source of inspiration.

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